Christmas Slippers
Sheepskin Baby Booties and kids slippers cute for Christmas
Sheepskin lined kids slippers and baby booties perfect for the holidays
Boys and girls slippers for toddlers and kids. Baby booties perfect for the holidays

Forest Floor Booties & Children's Slippers

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Our Hand Painted Yarn used in Forest Floor brings any Fall or Winter outfit to life. They are sure to grab the attention of all. 

Our Baby & Toddler Booties and Children's Slippers are made with a superior 100% Wool yarn sourced right here in the USA.

Made with hand selected dense sheepskin in-soles to provide added support & comfort.

A suede outer-sole adds an extra layer of durability while allowing baby's foot to spread naturally during those early days, months and years of walking.

Long laces are added to be double knotted when needed so they have staying power Moms & Dads crave. 

 Don't miss out on this perfect holiday 

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